The client

The children’s room is occupied by two boys. Adam is 7 years old and Sebastian is 3. Their hobbies are: sports – football and snowboarding, they like dinosaurs, travelling and XBox gaming.

Adam likes to draw pictures that are then displayed on the wall. He likes to look at maps and search for places that he has previously visited with his parents. He loves the nature.

The brief and the budget

The children’s room is located in a flat in a condominium in Kuřima and occupies an area of 12 m2. It has a floating floor in the pine decor. The parents wish to create an area for sleeping and a working area for the pupils. Also, they wish to have a place for TV with XBox for which enough room on the floor in front of the TV is needed. The placement of the TV has to also enable a comfortable viewing angle from the kids’ beds. The clients require a multifunctional wall with a map and boys’ games.

The storage space is to be used only for toys, the clothes will be moved to the entrance hall. Adam whishes an overhead light made in the shape of a snowboard.


The proposed design for the kids room fulfills the requirements for an ergonomic solution of the area, where there is a nook for writing, a working part for homework and enough space for playtime. The connection of the kids room with the adjoining room also provides a solution for the future where 2 separate places for two teenage boys could be created.