The client

The investor and owner is a young man of 27. He lives alone and is not planning to change that. His major hobby is fishing in freshwater and saltwater. He is a fan of houseboats and in the future he would like to get one of his own.

The brief

The project is a 1 room studio in a block of flats. The priority of the client is to conform the interior to his passionate hobby, both from the practical and esthetic point of view. He requires resourceful storage for his fishing gear, a separate space for making of fishing rigs and baits during the long winter evenings.

The owner is practical and also wants to design a dining nook for 2-3 persons, flat entrance, sleeping place and a work table for notebook and paperwork for a family company he works for.

In the new layout solution the designer designed an entrance zone, dining and kitchen space, bedroom, work table and a fisherman’s nook.



The small space at the entrance was used by installing 3 shelves with a border for better stability of the shelved objects. At the bottom of the highest shelf there are small hooks for keys and mail.

There is a chain for a coat-hanger fastened from the ceiling to the shoe-shelf.
At the bottom of the lowest shelf hangs a rack for high winter or fishing boots.


The ugly heating is hidden behind a casing with unusual holes for hot air flow.
The table has an airy metal leg and is connected to the heating casing.
Comfortable bench with a detachable seat.
The wall is covered with newspapers for abrasion protection.
The lights in the bar illuminate the whole surface of the table.
The windows can be pulled in both directions – up and down.
Under the window there are herbs hanging and grown upside down in special pots to save the space.


There is a roll-door closet to save the space in the room.
Over the bed there are cabinets with a collage of the clients photos behind a glass door.
The light is made of a scoop-net.
The bed has drawers for bed linen.
Beside the bed there is a small ladder with boxes instead of a night-table.


The work-table is custom-made of solid wood and has metal legs.
On the wall at the table there is a noticeboard made of processed fiberboard for notes and other items.


Here, the heating casing is also custom-made as it is in the kitchen.
The board of the table is of raw wood where you can pin the fishing hooks.
The hooks on the wall are designed for the fishing rods to be laid aside easily.
The subtle lamp illuminates the working surface.


Designing of the apartment in the condominium was a challenge for me, because the provided spaces are very different in style. Despite this variance I take this work as very beneficial for me. The importance of the living zones proved to me to be adequate living space. In case there is not enough space it is needed to use the space under the ceiling as well. To make the space more airy and light we use the same color shade for the wall-paint and the furniture. Even in a small apartment you can live effectively and pleasantly.