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    Apartments Design

Design and interior solutions for apartments and houses in Vienna and Munich

A well done interior design in your preferred style can turn your old room or house into a wholly new and original space. It is not only about money. In my work, I always take into account the given budget and ideas of my client about the final costs of the change. Sometimes it is really a challenge.

It is not simple to create a solution and design a practical and nice place for a small room with a low budget. But in those cases I stick to my creed: idea, originality and tailor-made solution. I don’t like to repeat myself, and, to create something new and practical, yet at the same time stylish, is what I like about my work as an interior designer the best. In every interior you can create some resourceful disposition or a disposition solution based on creative surfaces and several interesting details that will make living there a unique experience for the residents and their guests.

It is more and more common, even for us, to meet people who prefer a nice and clean environment in which they want to live, work and relax. It is important for me to consider the traditions and style of the surroundings of the specific object or building and this should be then projected, at least partially, in the newly designed interior change.