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Pop art – Andy Warhol

Everybody gets his or hers 15 minutes of fame… Bright colors, dazzling shine, original ideas, versatility and inspiration. This is how I felt about the exhibition of Andy Warhol in the Špilberk castle in Brno called In the depth of my garden. The American painter, graphic artist, movie maker and a leading figure in the […]

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The story of the mosaic mandala

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means arc, wheel or magical circle. It comes from the East and it is a generic symbol of unity and balance. There are several old diagrams coming from paleolit, Egypt and Babylon. It is believed, that thanks to the circle ornaments the chaos becomes a harmonic form. In […]



The initially accessory event to the Milan design fair that surely is worth a visit, is called Interni Milano and takes place in the center of Milan. In the city center, in the squares, schools, bars and shops various open parties, vernissages and social gatherings take place. Very inspirational to me was a visit to […]



RECONSTRUCTION OF A COUNTRY ESTATE One day we decided together with my family to move from the city – Brno to the country. After a long search we managed to find, by accident, exactly what we had been looking for – a stone estate in a small village of 12 inhabitants. The house’s location was […]

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Lighting – kids room

An overhead lighting for two boys The lighting in the kids’ room was specially designed for two boys who like skate- and long-boarding. In winter they like snowboarding. That’s why their mother asked for an original custom-made light fitting for their room. The light fitting was created by an artist and longboard builder in Brno […]

children's room 2

A children’s room for two boys

The client The children’s room is occupied by two boys. Adam is 7 years old and Sebastian is 3. Their hobbies are: sports – football and snowboarding, they like dinosaurs, travelling and XBox gaming. Adam likes to draw pictures that are then displayed on the wall. He likes to look at maps and search for places […]