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Lighting 1

Lighting – kids room

An overhead lighting for two boys The lighting in the kids’ room was specially designed for two boys who like skate- and long-boarding. In winter they like snowboarding. That’s why their mother asked for an original custom-made light fitting for their room. The light fitting was created by an artist and longboard builder in Brno […]

children's room 2

A children’s room for two boys

The client The children’s room is occupied by two boys. Adam is 7 years old and Sebastian is 3. Their hobbies are: sports – football and snowboarding, they like dinosaurs, travelling and XBox gaming. Adam likes to draw pictures that are then displayed on the wall. He likes to look at maps and search for places […]

Country estate 5

Country estate

The project was a complete reconstruction of a stone estate with the living area of 500 m2. The assignment was to connect the main living area with the kitchen and dining room spread on the area of 100 m2, creating a studio of 100 m2 in the attic, creating 3 separate guest rooms on the […]

New building 8

New building

Client brief The apartment owned by a middle-aged couple is located in a newly built condominium. The task was to design the living room area joint with the kitchen. Because the room is situated on the top floor, the opportunity to include a wood burning stove arose – this was highly desired by the owners.