The project was a complete reconstruction of a stone estate with the living area of 500 m2. The assignment was to connect the main living area with the kitchen and dining room spread on the area of 100 m2, creating a studio of 100 m2 in the attic, creating 3 separate guest rooms on the area of 70 m2 and creating a clean work room for developing and making of window-panes and stone mosaics. In the main wing there were 2 bathrooms each on a different floor. This main wing was connected to a small house by a connecting passage that the owners named “the glasshouse” because of the large windows.

The history of the main wing connected to the main house goes back to the year 1870. The requirement was to maintain the most historic details and original furniture that give the place its unique spirit and appearance. The original doors, old smokehouse, entrance door to the porch and stone staircase leading to the first floor of the house were all renovated. The whole house is built of stone, so it was natural to let the stone walls pervade the new inner rooms and create a unique connection and contrast between the neat appearance of the rooms and the more coarse structure of the stone. In the old part of the house there are 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room, dress room and an office. The designer created several original mosaics in the bathrooms and staircase.

Two hand-made mandalas are assembled into a circular shape from a pre-pared tiles. One is situated in the connection part of the living and dining rooms, where it perfectly fits with the style of the room. The resourceful facings in the rooms let the bathrooms stand out as well – the author created here several color combinations that complete each other. All these details added a certain uniqueness to the rooms, that pervades through the whole house and connects the new elements with the historical nature of the building. All components created by the designer became an intrinsic part of the common life of the family living in the house. The exceptionality of this house is apparent to all visitors at first sight and the owners and their friends feel very comfortable in the new interior.