In April, 2015 I decided to visit the well-known design festival Salone Del Mobile in Milan with various smaller events taking place around the whole city – from the city center to the suburbs. This “Olympics of design” takes place in every corner of Milan – not only on the vast exhibition ground of Fuorisalone, but mostly in all streets, squares, restaurants and schools. Even in the smallest shops there are social events, gatherings or vernissages taking place. It is not possible to see all of it – but from what I have seen I was mostly inspired by one event which is part of this design festival – Tortona Design Week.

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Tortona Design Week

At on time independent underground design scene is becoming the mainstream of the design art nowadays. On Via Tortona street there is a whole range of large objects, ample complexes, deserted factory halls and reconstructed brownfields with many exhibition areas.

Tortona still keeps its spirit of revolutionary design and displays the works of young talented designers. It has acquired such a great name that not only the icons of the designing world exhibit here, but for example big car companies such as Renault or Citroën show their projects here as well.

Tortona is a real anthill of visitors, who weave their way through the streets, halls, courtyards, bars and garages.

I visited the Tortona Design Week, or Zona Tortona, right at the beginning of my visit in Milan. My attention to this event was drawn by a congenial middle-aged elegantly dressed man (after all, as all men in Milan) – the owner of a small Milan apartment that I rented. He pointed out the strategic location of his flat which was 10 minutes to the Centro Histórico or from the other side, only few minutes walk from the mentioned Via Tortona. He recommended to me several times to visit that part of the city and I have to tell that I don’t regret it. On the contrary, I am determined to get back here every year in April.

At the close I have to mention one situation that has embedded into my memory. When the owner was showing me the apartment, instead of practical information about appliances, he asked: “Will you be comfortable with the grey and orange colors here?” I thought to myself: “This is possible only in Milan…”.