One day we decided together with my family to move from the city – Brno to the country. After a long search we managed to find, by accident, exactly what we had been looking for – a stone estate in a small village of 12 inhabitants. The house’s location was perfect. On the one side there was a wood and on the other a beautiful view. We were enchanted by the garden and the position of the house in it as well. With a lot of enthusiasm and expectation we started the house reconstruction. The fact that after stripping off the old facade we found out the house was made of stone was also an advantage. Lots of historical elements were well preserved and I wanted to keep them. From the beginning I had a clear idea about the reconstruction and design of the house.

Since my childhood I have been learning French that I love, along with the French culture. After a visit to Bretagne a long time ago and seeing the typical stone dwellings, I experienced a deja-vu and longed for such a house. Upon seeing this house I instantly knew that this was the right one.

I don’t like to adhere strictly to one specific style. I enjoy mixing complementary styles when making an interior design and create something unique and original in the end. I proceeded this way also when recreating the house exterior. The garden of the house can resemble e.g. the French countryside, but the whole place should always fit into the surrounding landscape. The best alternative is a garden that blends into the surrounding, where the visitor cannot tell the limits of the property at first sight.

I wish you all luck in searching…