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    Interior Design of Houses

Interior design of apartments and houses in Vienna and Munich

For my customers I always design the most suitable solution based on their needs and lifestyle. In my opinion, here lies the quality of a good interior designer. In my work I put first the user experience and habitability in the places I create.

Let the designed place be large or small, you have to always think of the functionality and rational usage of the zones in your first draft. It is common nowadays to see many beautifully designed interiors, in which – at least in my opinion – is impossible to live or work. In such a nice but not thought-through interior the story is always the same – the owner starts inhabiting the place, changes and adjusts it, adds necessary objects and the original visually well-balanced concept transforms into something completely different.

When implementing a quality interior solution, you don’t have to change anything, there’s nothing to add or adjust. The client utilizes the whole place fully, according to his or her needs and the harmony of the designed solution stays intact.