The initially accessory event to the Milan design fair that surely is worth a visit, is called Interni Milano and takes place in the center of Milan.

In the city center, in the squares, schools, bars and shops various open parties, vernissages and social gatherings take place.

Very inspirational to me was a visit to the Università degli Studi di Milano which is adjacent to the Centro Histórico.

In the old courtyard of the school a large monument in the form of lipstick retracting into its casing welcomes the visitors.

At the yard’s circumference and at the grass ground various nicely illuminated projects and organic-shaped objects made of local marble were exhibited. Further, I was intrigued by the garden furniture made of wavy wood segments with unconventional design and a well thought-out ergonomy displayed in the school.

I enjoyed also the simplicity of a separating wall made of PET bottles filled with water and how, apart from its functionality, the clear line created an interesting visual effect.

Any itinerary planning proved to be completely unnecessary because many events just drew me in when walking by and all plans turned to dust – which I am not sorry at all.

Salone del Mobile 2015

Regarding the design week in Milan, I should mention also my visit to the furniture fair Salone del Mobile which takes place at the vast exhibition ground of Fuorisalone.

It is an interesting exhibition area with a bending iron construction covering the whole communication area between individual exhibition pavilions.

A pavilion called Salone Satellite is worth to mention here – it is a pavilion for young designers under 35, where you can meet and talk to the designers themselves and find out more about their pieces – why they exhibit them and what was the path of their creation.

You can find many inspirational expositions at the fair, but I have to admit that the number of visitors was so high that I probably won’t be visiting this fair in the next few years. I would prefer to stay in the city center and spend more time visiting the calmer but attractive projects around the city.