design interier 1

When I was designing an office for an art-loving salesman of iron I was asked to choose and buy a painting directly from an atelier.

Steel-grey paint of the room and earthy colors of the wooden furniture offered an opportunity to choose a painting with exceptional color composition and create a contrast point in the space.

design interier 2
In the paintings, you can discover new and unexpected connections over and over again

The art piece will perpetually mirror the painters chain of thoughts and his spirit vibrations in the room. The advantage of a canvas in an expressionist style creates a timeless subject for observation and an opportunity to always discover something new.

Paintings by the atelier LUNACEKART have impressed me deeply so I decided to pay them a visit. It is a large space filled with paintings, some of them 3 meters long. The atelier had great spirit and I started to search for the right piece.

design interier 3
The art pieces bring positive vibrations to the interior


design interier 4
An expressionist painting is a timeless subject for examination

In a while I found a painting that I felt 100% sure to be the right one. I was sure that I have found what I imagined for the given space. The colors and shapes will positively influence my client in a long term.

design interier 5
Togehter with my client we agreed that this is the right painting

It will be hung on the wall in the relaxation part of the office where the owner can discover new and unexpected connections influencing his mind.

The client confirmed his sentiments about the artwork and fell in love with it.

What was nice for me to find out is a connection between my work, an artwork and a client whom I can bring the thinking and creative energy of an artist into his room.

design interier 6
Great gentle pastel colors
design interier 7
Black-and-white paintings have their magic as well








design interier 8
There are over 300 pieces to see in the atelier

It is sure that this painting has a permanent financial value for its owner and is a great investition for future generations.

Check out the interior meant for this painting:

More pictures can be seen here: