Everybody gets his or hers 15 minutes of fame…

Bright colors, dazzling shine, original ideas, versatility and inspiration. This is how I felt about the exhibition of Andy Warhol in the Špilberk castle in Brno called In the depth of my garden.

The American painter, graphic artist, movie maker and a leading figure in the pop art movement has inspired many artists and designers, or we can say the whole graphic design in general. We can find his works in many interiors of well-known designers. His monoprints of Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry, John Lennon or his Campbell’s Soup can are famous around the whole world.

The rooms with the Andy Warhol pieces have been transformed from typical exhibition areas into an avant-garde space. The monoprints of the best known faces are displayed here in various less-known color variations. His playfulness and creativity is enhanced by the colors of the walls – from red, through bright pink, dark black to glossy (wall covered with aluminium foil) or a large-patterned tapestry inducing joy and optimism. I really recommend a visit here.