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Interior design solution

After your brief, where you describe to me in an email what you need to design or improve in your place, I will need the floor-plan of the place with dimensions. I will then prepare a set of questions and during our further, non-binding, meeting we will clarify your requirements, purpose, style and budget for the interior in question. Based on these information I will send you the quotation and work contract for approval. After your approval and signing of the contract, we will send you a proforma invoice for 50% of the calculated price.

After settling this I will prepare for you:

An ergonomic solution and layout, with living, work and relax zones, functional usage of the premises and floor-plan with furniture arrangement.

After designing the ergonomy of the solution and setting the base idea of the space usage, I recommend discussing it during our next meeting. After approval from your side, I will work on further parts of the design solution.

  • 3D visualization of the interior design, new room or place solution – for you to get a clearer idea
  • Board, Mood Board – a conceptual shapes and color collage for the interior, which style and mood will be characteristic for the specific places + pattern and sampler book for all proposed materials
  • List of all proposed components and items – from walls, floors, furniture, cloths to decorations. A detailed list of all items from the proposed design solution – including prices and addresses for shops and stores where these can be obtained. For custom-made furniture I will prepare a technical drawing for furniture-maker.
    • Detailed budget – overall costs for all components in line with the budget originally set by the client
    • Hardcopy catalogue and drawing documentation for manufacturing of the atypical furniture, if asked for
  • Price can range from 200 € to 800 € for a room. The price depends on size and condition of the place and agreed scope and arrangement of work. I will set the precise price after the first meeting with the client, which is non-binding and free-of-charge.

The Raiffeisen Bausparkasse has done benchmarking on prices of interior studios and on May 4th, 2015 published the results of their study that maps the financial expensiveness of interior studios’ services throughout Austria and Germany. The benchmark includes 64 studios in 14 areas. The price of the visualisation is based on a model apartment of 60 m2. The final price is always dependent on specific requirements of the client and the difficulty of the floor-plan layout of the property. The average price for the projects in Austria and Germany, based on the study, is around 30 € / m2 of the designed space.