The apartment, inhabited by a young student, her boyfriend and their dog, is from the 1920s. From all the rooms there is a beautiful view of the park under the castle.

Thanks to the vast reconstruction of the whole condominium the decision to recreate this apartment was made.

The task was to lighten the whole area and give it its uniqueness that will be also practical in everyday life. That required demolishing the cross-wall between the kitchen and the living room and dismantling the walls of the original house-maid’s room.

Already in the early stages of the reconstruction the ingenuity of the whole design was proven. By dismantling the walls, the area became open and airy and was integrated into one whole. The, previously separate, rooms were situated from east to west. The new-created room is sun-lit almost the whole day.

After that we needed to unite the floors. The beautiful original parquet floor lit up after polishing and was then joined by the new wooden floating floor. We managed to disguise this crossover between different materials pretty well. For practical reasons, a large-area paving was laid in the kitchen which was then completed by a hand-made mosaic. The selected kitchen unit is in crimson red design. It contrasts well with the rich grey wall paint, black fridge and other accessories.

To the pictures on the wall chosen by the young couple, I added my own lino-cuts and graphics.