interior design origine

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means arc, wheel or magical circle. It comes from the East and it is a generic symbol of unity and balance. There are several old diagrams coming from paleolit, Egypt and Babylon. It is believed, that thanks to the circle ornaments the chaos becomes a harmonic form. In the 20th century the symbol spread around the whole world thanks to C. G. Jung who used this name for his circle drawings and the drawings of his patients. In psychotherapy and psychology the mandalas are used as a relaxing aid and as an addition to the traditional treatment.

The old country house with a very strong genius loci felt as made for creating of such a symbol. After clarifying the whole layout of the room a suitable space in its middle emerged. Because it is a nice large space with walls showing the stone I was against the traditional tilework.

I decided to revive the space by using unconventional tile layout. The tiles have been laid always in the direction of the communication paths, so they create some sort of irregular beams. In the patterns and colors I was partially inspired by the ornaments of Alfons Mucha which I have found always fascinating. The whole mosaic with its shapes and colors is conceived to create endless harmony. When creating the design I decided to place one additional strong element in the middle. I felt that by placing a spiral in the middle of the circle the overall effect would amplify. The spiral symbol was already known by the Celts who deliberately used its energetic vibrations for harmonizing of organisms, space, or for positively influencing the food and water. My endless spiral is indicated by the symbol of infinity – by the snake uruboros biting its tail. It represents the eternal and constant course of life. It is an old symbol from ancient Greek. It was widely used in alchemy and Hermeticism. Various findings show that it was used also in ancient India, China, Japan, Mexico and Alaska. The center of the mandala – the uruboros snake – is a counterclockwise spiral. This unique symbol is a source of very positive power. Alchemists and medieval mystics denoted the symbol as an inexhaustible source of energy, the point of new and positive beginning and harmonic whirling. At the same time, the spiral contains another important symbol – a circle with a dot in its middle which is a symbol of Sun, the centre of the Earth and universe.

In our case, I used a less popular counterclockwise spiral because I wanted to pull the energy of the Earth and universe down, towards our middle, not the other way around – to generate the power from the bottom upwards.

After the spiral had been created we’ve got a positive reaction. Cats moving freely in the house tend to lie directly in the center of the circle. Also dogs coming with the visitors always choose the middle of the mandala to lie down – as if they feel the energetic vibrations.