The apartment was designed for a young couple. The lady likes to cook for friends and likes to exercise, so they needed a bigger space for meetings with friends and their own activities. In the future they plan to have children, so the room has to be adjusted for raising them up.

They decided for the whole reconstruction after the discussion with their parents who entrusted the flat to them. Several months before the make-over, the windows and water, gas and waste distributions were replaced in the whole apartment. For this reason they decided together with their family that since the apartment is undergoing such huge changes they may take advantage of that and let an interior designer create a new layout for the living room and the kitchen. They came up with several ideas they wanted to apply in the new project.

The task was to let their lifestyle be reflected in the new project, but at the same time keep it practical for everyday use. The clients have a lot of friends that visit them often. They wish to be in touch with the guest while preparing meals, which would be impossible if the kitchen space were to be closed. Moreover, they plan on having children in the future, so it is necessary to allow them to keep an eye on the kids while cooking. The living area was originally separate from the kitchen which also includes a small room for a housemaid.

By opening the space and connecting the kitchen with the living room we let the whole room breathe and become airy and very pleasant to spend time in. When connecting the kitchen part with the housemaid’s room it was necessary to unite the floor in a way that would make a smooth crossing from the living area with parquetry floor to the new floor of the old room. The colors of the room were fine-tuned to the kitchen unit chosen by the client. She picked a unit in a ruby red shade to which the new interior in different shades of grey, black and white contrasts quite well. The harmony presented by the author in the first draft of the concept was actually implemented without changes because it was very well balanced and didn’t miss anything that would be important for the young couple.

The apartment is now divided into the living room with the kitchen area and 2 bedrooms with an office. The designer herself created several paintings, linocuts, graphics and an original mosaic that perfectly complements and revives the whole area.